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I <3 hyperbole the most. Ever.

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Birthdate:Aug 13
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Typical geek girl, friendly, sweet, fascinated with people, loveable, sarcastic, sensitive, moments of sexy, blunt, funny, suspiciously flirty. Smells yummy, feels soft. Enjoys caring for others, riding horses, anything sports-related, action movies, fast loud shiny horse-powered things, most any kind of music, good reading material, shoes, playing the cello, cooking. Values the ability to laugh at oneself. Loves the simpler things in life and learning from my mistakes.

Feel free to add me to your friend's list. I always like making new friends. Unless I have a restraining order against you, 99.9% chance I will add you back! Drop me a message if you want.


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